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How to Keep Fertilizer Spreader from Rusting

How to Keep Fertilizer Spreader from Rusting

How often do you wash your fertilizer spreader? Have you ever maintained fertilizer spreader then found it rusted?

Fertilizer spreader just like any other farm tool needs proper responsibility and care so as to maintain its effectiveness. Well probably there are few key things you were not paying attention to that cause you to replace your tool earlier than expected.

Below are few steps to keep your fertilizer spreader in good working condition.

Which are some of the things you need to consider when maintaining a fertilizer spreader?


Avoid leaving your fertilizer in your spreader. Always ensure that you have emptied your spreader before storing it (indoors) and let the rollers lie on a flat surface. By doing so you increase the life span of your fertilizer spreader. You are also assured of its safety from getting rust.

Keeping it clean

Make it a habit to clean your spreader after every use. Remember to brush out small bits of the fertilizer, rinse it then dry it completely.


Oiling all moving parts prevents them from being stuck, breaking or rusting. This parts include chains, grease fittings and sprockets. When you do this often it smoothens your work.

Disassembling your spreader

When lubricating ensure you mark where each part of the spreader belongs. If you are not keen while reassembling the spreader you may risk the chance of the spreader not returning to its right form.


Those parts that are made of plastic may wear off. Therefore, ensure you repaint as this prevents rusting.

Worn out parts

Do regular check-ups on your spreader to note the worn out parts.  Repair the worn our parts where need may arise to prevent running into problems or spreading of rust.

Why maintain your fertilizer spreader?

Nobody likes buying the same product over and over again. As a result you as an individual are faced with the task of proper maintenance. The advantage of maintaining your spreader in good state include;

Improved production yields.

You will have enough time to study your spreader and if you use it correctly, you increase production. It will also have little effects of soil health.

Cost efficient

By maintain your spreader in good shape you save a lot of money in doing other projects other than buying new spreaders every time.

Fill manual labour void

Your spreader allows you to farm without needing manual labour and at the same time yielding high rates of production.

Increase focus on accuracy

By studying the performance of your plant growth while using your spreader, it allows you to be accurate on how much fertilizer you require. Also how well to maintain your soils health.

Final thoughts

In a society that encourages rapid change in technology advancement in the agricultural sector, there is a growing need for you to have a fertilizer spreader. But after purchasing the spreader comes the need to maintain it. I believe every farmer should be responsible enough maintain the spreader with future aspects of using it to till his garden.

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